Ultimate Suite 2021 for PowerBuilder - Released

After many long months of development, the 2021 release of Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder is now available. This is one of the largest releases of Ultimate Suite in recent history. Many new controls have been added, new Datawindow controls have been introduced, and existing controls have been enhanced.

For a summary of the new controls and some of the enhancements in this release, refer to the following post:


For a summary of the new Datawindow controls, refer to the following post:


In addition to updated controls, this release contains significant enhancements to the UI Designer:

  • Nearly all the controls have been added to the UI Designer.
  • Finally added Open, Save, and Save As functions so you can save settings and change them later.
  • Incorporated new flyout program tab menu.
  • Changed a lot of the generated code to make it less verbose. It should only give you the code needed and nothing extra.

The control that saw the most enhancements is PowerMenu (Ribbon control). A new Office 365 style has been added, the current default style has been tweaked to make it look the best it can, a new advanced flyout program tab menu has been added, and better, more professional, tooltips. This is still the only Ribbon built specifically for PowerBuilder than can:

  1. Be implemented with little to no coding changes.
  2. Display quick access icons in the windows caption bar.
  3. Give you an Office 365 look.
  4. Display a flyout program tab menu.

Now that this release is done, what's next? There are a couple of idea's going through R&D. If all goes as planned, the next release will have new controls and, if time permits, maybe some new color themes.

For more information, visit powertothebuilder.com. For information on trying out Ultimate Suite, visit PBUlitmateSuite.com.



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