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NotepadPB - PowerBuilder Built Notepad

The latest release of Ultimate Suite introduces many new color themes that you can use to make your PowerBuilder applications look absolutely amazing. NotepadPB is a text editor built using PowerBuilder. The latest release takes advantage of the new Ultimate Suite color themes allowing you to customize your text editor using your favorite colors. If you're unfamiliar with NotepadPB; it's a simple text editor application with tons of features. What makes it special is that, unlike other text editors, you will find PowerBuilder specific features. If you open a PowerBuilder source file you get proper syntax highlighting, code folding, a code beautifier, go to definition when you right click on a function declaration, and so much more. In addition to the PowerBuilder related features, you get other things like: Tabbed navigation. Advanced find and replace indicators Language support for many popular programming languages. Tools to manipulate your text. Easily insert new GUIDs, calc

Image Editor for PowerBuilder

The latest release of Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder includes a handy new Image Editor control. Give your users the ability to view and manipulate images directly in your PowerBuilder application. The control supports two ways to load images. You can pick a file from the file system, or you can paste an image that's in your clipboard. Save and Save As lets you save changes to an existing file or to a new file. The Image Editor also supports unlimited Undo and Redo actions. Many options have been added for image manipulation. This control allows your user to do the following: Rotate the image left or right. Flip the image horizontally or vertically. Crop Apply effects: Set brightness and contrast. Grey scale. Black and white. Invert colors. Apply a Sepia tone. Last but not least; you can zoom and pan your image. Implementing is extremely simple; Add the u_cst_imageeditor component to any of your window or userobject objects. Toolbar images are provided but you can easily swap them