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New Controls Coming in the Next Release of Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder!

A lot of work is going into the next release of Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder. Here are some of the highlights:Progress Indicator on the PB Command ButtonYou will be able to display a visual indicating progress right within the PB command button. Look for the new of_SetProgress function. New Circle Progress ControlThe Circle Progress control allows you to visual display a percentage of completion. Customizable features include theme, circle thickness, font, and font size. New Stepbar ControlThe Stepbar control is perfect for displaying overall progress through a series of more complex steps. Any number of steps are allowed and will size to fix the width or height of the control. Both horizontal and vertical orientations are supported.  New Card ControlCards are a nice way to combine imagery with text.  New Image Compare ControlIf your users need to compare two images, this control can help you minimize the amount of space needed on your screen. Using an overlay, users can move a slider…