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Media Player Built Entirely with PowerBuilder and Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder

The next release of Ultimate Suite is going to include a new Circle Progress control. The best way to make sure that a new control covers all the needs of the developer is to use it in a real world application. Doing this allows you to identify deficiencies in the design or behavior. The best way I could think of to do this was to use the Circle Progress control within a media player. It can be used to start or pause playback and display the video's elapsed time. Using the Ultimate Suite caption-less window, some toolbars, the circle progress control and the Windows Media Player Active-X control, we get the following: To create this, first inherit a new window from w_pbus_spa_captionless. Add a logo, static text for the application label, two toolbars for the play back options, and the circle progress control. Next, add an OLE control and select Windows Media Player. In the open event of the window, add the following code: //Use a custom color for the window background color THIS .