Custom captions, everyone's doing it...

We see custom captions all over the place, used by many software vendors. Microsoft even prefers them for their largest applications (Office, VS, Edge, etc). Why use a custom caption in your window? The simplest answer is, you get to make use of otherwise wasted real estate. With a custom caption you can add buttons, search boxes, status messages, tabs, etc., you name it.

Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder offers 3 different types of custom captions window.

1) Basic

With the basic option you get the ability to add toolbar buttons to the caption. You can also add any other control you like in the window painter. The controls you add would simply overlay the caption.

2) Tabbed

The tabbed caption window is extremely unique to Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder. It allows you to have a browser like UI. This is prefect for single purpose applications (like a web browser). A perfect example of where this UI fits perfect can be found here:

3) Caption-less

So the caption-less window isn't exactly a custom caption window, more a lack of a caption. You still get window control buttons (min, max, close), and you can still drag the window around. This window works perfect when a caption just isn't necessary but you need all other window's behaviours.

Bring your PowerBuilder application into the present. Try Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder. Click here to download a trial.


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