Update the look of all your PowerBuilder message boxes in a few easy steps

One simple way to update your PowerBuilder application is to convert all your message boxes to use the Windows 10 style PowerMessage object from Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder: Having to change all message boxes one by one would be too time consuming. You also run the risk of missing some. Instead, what we can do is create a new, overloaded, global function that overrides the built in PowerBuilder MessageBox function. Before we do this, let's setup PowerMessage. Make sure you have the Ultimate Suite for PowerBuilder PBL's or PBD's added to your library list. Next, create a new global variable: n_cst_powermessage PowerMessage In the Open event of your main frame window, register your window with PowerMessage: PowerMessage.of_Register(THIS) PowerMessage is now setup and ready to be used. Note that at this point, if you like, you call call into PowerMessage directly to display the updated message: PowerMessage.MessageBox("Title", "Message T